- writer director on Bidjigal, Gadigal, and Wangal land -

  1. Narrative
  2. Short Form
  3. Immersive
  4. In Our Own Right
  5. 1900 x 3


I’d like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country.

I pay my respects to their elders, past and present and recognise their connections and continuous care for the skies, lands and waterways throughout Australia

- writer director on Bidjigal, Gadigal, Darug and GuriNgai land -


6 x 1 hour Limited Series

A subversive retelling of the Dickensian classic ‘Oliver Twist’ set in a dystopian near future London reeling from the global refugee crisis.


8 x 30 Limited Series set in an alternate reality.

A border guard goes searching for answers after experiencing a collective trauma with seven other strangers, all within the presence of the large alien structures that appeared at sites across the world on November 18th, 1982. 


A 6 x ‘10 series about rage, repression and online dating.

When a quiet and reclusive manager is bullied at a corporate bonding event the trauma re-awakens a monster she’s been suppressing since she was a child. But when her mother’s health intervenes with her newfound appetite for dating, she’ll have to work out how much ‘monster’ she can handle in her life.


Feature Film

After a death in a family, two sisters find their close knit relationship in jeopardy as their ‘father’s’ care is questioned for the first time. 

A grounded science fiction thriller set in Kalimpong, India.


Short Film

An Indian Scottish woman is struggling with her impending labour as she waits for her husband to arrive home, knowing full well that he’s out on a date with another woman. But an intervention from a Maori midwife changes her perspective. 

Set in Auckland New Zealand, 1939, and based on a true story.